Astronomy 210   Fall 2010

Final Exam Information

Time The Final Exam will be held Monday, Dec 13 from 7:00-10:00pm in the usual classroom
Points The exam is worth 150 points. This is 15% of the course grade, also the same as 1.5 times an hour exam, or 3 homework assignments. As with the hour exams, there will be bonus question(s).
Topics The exam is cumulative, but will emphasize material covered since Hour Exam 2--stars and stellar evolution through cosmology. All material from class is fair game.
A list of some course topics is available.
New! The front pages of the exam (with list of equations), and a few sample questions now available in pdf format.
What to Bring

Bring yourself, well-rested, a pencil, and a calculator. The exam will be closed book and closed notes. You will be given a page of equations, and any constants or numerical data you might need.

You may also bring 1 piece of regular, 8.5" x 11" paper with notes written on it. You may write or type whatever notes or diagrams you like on either or both sides the paper. This page is for your convenience only and is not necessary if you have studied well. If you bring a sheet, it is a very good idea to write it yourself, as the exercise of deciding what is important, organizing it, and writing it down, is a good way to study. You will be asked to hand it in the sheet with your exam, but you will be graded only on your exam responses, not on the contents of your sheet of notes.

Study Tips The best way to prepare for the exam is to be sure you are clear on the concepts and to be able to understand and apply the equations you have been given. In both cases, the text is helpful. Reviewing the homework is also an excellent way to practice quantitative problems; rest assured that some exam questions will bear more than a passing resemblance to homework problems.

To aid in study, a list of topics over the whole course can be found here.

Review Session There will be an optional review session the day before the exam, Sunday Dec 12 at 5 pm in Astronomy bldg, Room 134. The instructor will be present to answer questions--bring some! The review session is not required. In addition to this session, the instructor is available by appointment (best arranged by email:

Brian Fields
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