Astronomy 210  Fall 2010

Hour Exam 2 Info

Time Hour Exam 2 will be held in class, Friday October 29
Topics The material covered is everthing through the October 27 class (lecture 27) on exoplanets. The emphasis is on material after the first Hour Exam, and the Wed. Sept. 15 class (lecture 10), but of course the new material builds on older material such as Keplers laws. All lecture material is fair game.
Front Page and Sample Questions The front page of the exam will contain some equations which may be of use, as well as physical constants.

Some sample questions from previous exams.

What to Bring Bring yourself, well-rested, a pencil, and a calculator. The exam will be closed book and closed notes, but as noted above, the front page will contain some equations, and any constants or numerical data you might need, and as noted below.
Study Tips The best way to prepare for the exam is to be sure you are clear on the concepts and to be able to understand and apply the equations you have been given. In both cases, your lecture notes will be helpful, as will the text. Reviewing the homework is also an excellent way to practice quantitative problems; rest assured that some exam questions will bear more than a passing resemblance to homework problems. Of course, given the time constriants of the exam, the problems will not generally be as involved as homework problems.

Brian Fields
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