Participation (20%) 


This course relies heavily on thorough preparation and active participation. You should read all assigned materials carefully, reflect on them critically, and come to class prepared to discuss your analyses and critical responses to the assigned materials.

Discussion Boards (10%) 


Throughout the semester, you will be asked to post to discussion boards 5 times. These posts are an opportunity for you to think through a particular idea about one of the assigned texts. Each post should focus on one of the works assigned for that week (one currently being discussed), but you may also draw connections with works and class discussions from previous weeks.

Presentations (10%) 


You will be invited to deliver one or more presentations (either in class or online) in which you examine or explore aspects of the research project for your final paper.

Final Paper (60%)


At the end of the term, you will submit a final paper (approximately 12 pages in length) in which you analyze gender in one of the assigned works. Your paper should have a clear critical/theoretical focus—a particular aspect of gender (i.e. sexuality, body, transgender, intersectionality) and/or consider gender alongside another relevant theoretical topic (i.e. nationalism, postcoloniality, psychoanalysis, affect) and draw upon appropriate bibliography for the selected approach.


Your essay should be typed, double-space, in Times New Roman 12-point. Along with the essay and bibliography, you should include an abstract—in both Spanish and English—and keywords.