Unit Three: Space, Contact, and Globalization

Questions to be explored:


Why and how is space fundamental to the analysis of social and cultural life? Is space an absolute concept or is it relationally defined? Is space social and/or is the social essentially spatial? How is space implicated in questions of power and symbolism? How has space been imagined and represented in the Spanish speaking world? How are representations of space affected by cross-cultural contact and globalization?



29-mar            También la lluvia


31-mar            Cultural Geographies

                    Studying Culture 5, Chapter 5 (pág. 120-7)


5-apr                Maps and Mapping

                    Studying Culture 6, Chapter 5 (pág. 127-30)


7-apr                Representing Cultural Spaces

                    Freyle, El Carnero, Capítulo IX

                    Las Casas, “Plague of Ants” 


12-apr            Space and Power

                    Lorca, La casa de Bernarda Alba


14-apr            Contested Spaces

                    Cortázar, “Casa tomada


19-apr            Contact Zones and Cultural Crossroads

                    Marshall, “Dem Bow, Dembow, Dembo”


21-apr            NO HAY CLASE


23-apr            Segunda Reacción Crítica


26-apr            Contact Zones and Cultural Crossroads

                    Carmelita Tropicana


28-apr            LECTURE  (12-1:30)

                    “La utopía se demora”

                    101 International Studies Building, 910 S Fifth St.


3-may                 Conclusions

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11-may, 11AM

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