Astronomy 210 | Spring 2018

Course Schedule 

Note:  The lecture material may vary, but the assignment dates are fixed. Check back to this page for updates on the topics and readings.
Date Topic Assignment Due
Wed Jan 17 Introduction  
Fri Jan 19 The Night Sky  
Mon Jan 22 Lunar Motion  
Wed Jan 24 Planetary Motion  
Fri Jan 26 Early Cosmology HW 1
Mon Jan 29 Keplerian Motion  
Wed Jan 31 Theory of Planetary Motion  
Fri Feb 2 Gravitation HW 2
Mon Feb 5 Newtonian Orbits  
Wed Feb 7 Electromagnetic Radiation  
Fri Feb 9 Matter and Light HW 3
Mon Feb 12 Thermal Radiation  
Wed Feb 14 Telescopes I  
Fri Feb 16 Hour Exam 1
Mon Feb 19 Telescopes II  
Wed Feb 21 Solar System Overview  
Fri Feb 23 The Earth HW 4
Mon Feb 26 Earth-Moon System  
Wed Feb 28 The Moon  
Fri Mar 2 Terrestrial Planets HW 5, Planetarium
Mon Mar 5 Giant Planets  
Wed Mar 7 Debris  
Fri Mar 9 Birth of the Solar System I HW 6
Mon Mar 12 Birth of the Solar System II  
Wed Mar 14 Extrasolar Planets I  
Fri Mar 16 Extrasolar Planets II HW 7, Night Observing
Mar 19-23 Spring Break
Mon Mar 26 The Sun: Stability and Energy  
Wed Mar 28 The Sun: Interior  
Fri Mar 30 Hour Exam 2
Mon Apr 2 Solar Fusion and Neutrinos  
Wed Apr 4 Stars: Introduction  
Fri Apr 6 Stars: Spectra and the H-R Diagram HW 8
Mon Apr 9 Life Cycles of Stars: The Sun  
Wed Apr 11 Solar Death, White Dwarfs, and Planetary Nebulae  
Fri Apr 13 Life Cycles of Stars: High-Masses HW 9, Solar Observing
Mon Apr 16 Supernovae, Neutron Stars, and Pulsars  
Wed Apr 18 General Relativity  
Fri Apr 20 Black Holes HW 10
Mon Apr 23 Observing Black Holes and Gravity Waves  
Wed Apr 25 The Milky Way Galaxy  
Fri Apr 27 Galaxies and the Large-Scale Structure of the Unvierse HW 11
Mon Apr 30 Big Bang Cosmology  
Wed May 2 The Early Universe  
8:00-11:00 AM, Monday, May 7 FINAL EXAM

Brian Fields