Astronomy 210 | Spring 2011

Exams, Homework, and Projects


Hour Exam 1

First Page: FrontPageHE1.pdf
Sample Questions: HE1_SampleQs.pdf
Exam with solutions

Hour Exam 2

First Page: FrontPageHE2.pdf
Sample Questions: HE2_SampleQs.pdf
Exam with solutions

Final Exam

First page and sample questions: FinalSampleQ.pdf


Homework will be posted each Friday (except the Friday before an exam) and will be due in class the following Friday.

You are strongly encouraged to work with partners on the homework! However, you should make sure that you understand every aspect of every problem, and you should write up and hand in your own solution! Be assured that some of the exam questions will be very similar to previous homework assignments!

Your solution should be legible and include all calculations together with explanations of what you're doing. The TA is not responsible for deciphering unreadable or unintelligible solution sets! You may not get any credit if you just state the final answer.

If the final answer is obviously wrong (e.g., you find that the radius of the sun is 3 cm), comment! Otherwise, you may not get partial credit!

Assignment Due Date Problems Solutions Errata
HW 1 Fri Jan 28 hw1.pdf hw1_key.pdf
HW 2 Fri Feb 4 hw2.pdf (corrected version) hw2_key.pdf hw2_erratum.pdf
HW 3 Fri Feb 11 hw3.pdf hw3_key.pdf
HW 4 Fri Feb 25 hw4.pdf hw4_key.pdf
HW 5 Fri March 4 hw5.pdf hw5_key.pdf hw5_erratum.pdf
HW 6 Fri March 11 hw6.pdf hw6_key.pdf hw6_erratum.pdf
HW 7 Fri March 18 hw7.pdf hw7_key.pdf
HW 8 Fri April 8 hw8.pdf hw8_key.pdf hw8_erratum.pdf
HW 9 Fri Apr 15 hw9.pdf hw9_key.pdf
HW 10 Fri April 22 Computer-based! Pick one of: comp2_erratum.pdf
HW 11 Fri April 29 hw11.pdf pdf file

Observing and Planetarium Reports

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